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How to create a new company?

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Step 1: Authorization

What you need first is a created account on TourHunter.

If you already have an account you can create a company.

Authorize at TourHunter using your email (or facebook or google+ account).

Step 2: Add a company

On the opened page “Dashboard” you will see:

  • greetings “Hello [username]”;
  • icon;
  • text message “You haven’t created any company yet.”;
  • button “+ Add a Company”.

You haven't created any company yet

Click on “+ Add a Company”.

Step 3: Choosing a company type

On the page that will appear choose a type of the future company: Supplier or Agent.

Choose company type

See also Supplier company, Agent company.

Step 4: Choosing a subscription type

On the opened page choose type of the subscription of the future company.

For Suppliers

Choose supplier subscription type

For Agents

Choose supplier subscription type

You can upgrade or downgrade type of subscription (but not a type of a company) later.

Step 5: Filling out a company data

Fill out the form on the new page which contain:

  • company name;
  • website link on our domain;
  • country;
  • agreement of terms of service.

Choose agent subscription type

After filling out the form click on the “Create company’ button.


Creating a company from a landing page

  1. Choose the type of a subscription of the future company on the landing page in the “Pricing” block.

  2. Create an account in the opened modal window “Sign Up” by filling out the form.

  3. Fill out the form on the new opened page that was described before in the step 5.

If you already have an account and a company

For authorized users.

  1. Click on the company menu in the “Top menu” in header. And then click on “+ New Company” button.

  2. Follow the steps 3 - 5 described before.

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