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Supplier company

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Supplier is one of two types of companies available in the system. Supplier is a tour provider. He can create tours, book his tours, perform a transfer on the “Bookings > Transfer view” section, create tour bookings of other Suppliers.

Also accepts bookings from Agents (see also Agent company) and other Suppliers. Supplier has the same capabilities as the Premium Agent: book and add tours of other Suppliers to “My tours” in the “Marketplace > Admin view” section, make rates requests to other Suppliers.

Supplier have four types of subscription there are: Flex, Pro, Business, Enterprise. Аnd also have custom-tailored solution.

Supplier's subscription


Participants in a supplier company are divided into managers and employees, depending on their roles.

List of roles in a supplier company:

  • Manager:
  1. Manager;
  2. Booking manager;
  3. Accountant.
  • Employees:
  1. Seller;
  2. Guide;
  3. Coach;
  4. Instructor;
  5. Pilot;
  6. Captain;
  7. Boatboy.

Supplier's subscription

In addition to these roles, Owner has the ability to create new roles, name them at their discretion and assign them to the manager or employees group.

A new user can be invited to employees, for this a future employee is not required to be a user, he will register at the time of accepting the invitation. To invite employees, you need to fill in the data in the “Add User” module in “Manage > Employees > Add new Employee” and send an invitation.

Agent's subscription

In the profile in edit mode for each employee there is the option to enable the checkbox “Show in company profile”. If Supplier has enabled checkbox, employee is displayed in the profile of this company in the “Team” block. Only those employees who are already registered in the system or accepted the invitation are displayed.

Agent's subscription

The interaction between the two Suppliers

Supplier#1 can add Supplier#2 to “My Suppliers” section. Then Supplier#2 will apear at Supplier#1 in “My Agents” section (if Supplier#2 has public rates). In the “Marketplace”, Supplier#2 card will be displayed with the label “My Supplier” for Supplier#1.

Supplier#1 will appear at Supplier#2 in “My Agents” section when booking is confirmed from Supplier#1 or Supplier#1 will request rates from Supplier#2 (and they will be confirmed).

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