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How to setup company details?

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Step 1

Go to “Manage > Company Details”.

Step 2

Set up the “General Information” block:

  • “Name” - company name in the profile. Required field. Owner can change it;
  • “Website” - link to the company website;
  • “Company URL on TourHunter” - link to the company “White Label”. Required field;
  • “Tourism Destinations” - directions of tours. Required field;
  • “Business category” (for Agents only) - dropdown with categories:
    • “Travel Agent”;
    • “Visitors Information Centre”;
    • “Online Travel Agency”;
    • “Concierge / Hotel”;
    • “Daily Deals”;
    • “Inbound Tour Operator”;
    • “Information Website”;
    • “Airline”;
    • “Affiliate”;
    • “Developer”;
    • “Other”;


  • “Email” - company e-mail. Required field;
  • “Phone number” - add company messengers with a phone number (IMessage, Telegram, WeChat, LINE, Viber, WhatsApp);
  • “Fax” - company fax;
  • “Other Contact Methods” - additional company accounts to contact (Skype, Facebook Messenger);
  • “Company ID” - ID for your company;


  • “Business Information” - information about the company that will be displayed in a company profile;
  • “Company images” - a photo that will be displayed in a company profile.


Step 3

Set up the “Business Address” block:

  • “Address” - text field to write a company address;
  • “City” - text field to write a city where the company settled in;
  • “State/Province” - text field to write the region;
  • “Zip/Postcode” - text field to write the postcode;
  • “Country” - text field to write the company country.


Step 4

Set up the “Social media” block.

Here you can add social media account on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor by clicking on the “Add more” button.



Step 5

Click on the “Save” button.

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